Unique collection of our proprietary line of products that are distributed and sold throughout our network of over 500 retailers, OEM and boatyards serving the Marine and RV industries.


Growing your business is a combination of high standards, customer service and high quality products that meet market expectations.

Our team puts great value in each one of our clients products and the benefits of its unique purpose and high quality.

We stand behind your products as much as you do. This is why our partners have relied on us.

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High quality marine products of Sea Clear underwater lights and Prop Armour prop antifoulant.

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Specially designed to protect the topsides and hull from fender scuff and reduce the need for expensive gel coat repairs. Made from a premium stain resistant, non-abrasive, acrylic and polyester blend, which is both durable and fade resistant.

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Our premium cleaning tools and accessories range from brushes, drying mops, soft wash tools, swivel plates, maintenance kits and boat hooks. And they all attach with ease while saving you storage space.

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Is a domestic manufacturer of commercial marine pole mounted radar reflectors and mooring pick up buoys.


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